• No special vehicle is needed to pull our campers. With rising fuel prices, a SignaTour Camper enables everyone to be able to enjoy the great outdoors with ease. SignaTourCampers.com ~ (813) 381-6492
  • SignaTour Campers make camping convenient and enjoyable for everyone.

At SignaTour Campers, our vision is to make camping convenient and enjoyable for everyone. From the beginning, we’ve been passionate about building high-quality small campers at an affordable price. Setting up a SignaTour camper is as easy as opening the door and getting in—no more fighting with tents or sleeping on hard ground. Whether you’re seeking an upgrade to tent camping, wish to downsize from a larger, more expensive RV, or want a compact and efficient space for tailgating, we’ve got a model that will work for you.

Every SignaTour camper is a work of craftsmanship, constructed from superior materials, with a rigorous quality control process from start to finish. Our campers offer a surprising amount of interior space in a compact package. And you can tow your lightweight SignaTour camper behind almost any car—including most compacts—so you don’t have to upgrade your towing vehicle.

Isn’t it time to hook up a SignaTour camper? Ready… Set… Tow!